Food media is a competitive market and everyone has their eyes set on millennials. Like Hanzel and Gretel before them, young people are being aggressively courted with food and Fexy Media just added a new gingerbread house to its portfolio.

The Seattle-based media company acquired Simply Recipes, a cooking and recipe blog created and run by Elise Bauer. It’s Fexy Media’s sixth acquisition since launching. Simply Recipes joins other popular food sites Serious Eats, Roadfood, and Relish, in Fexy’s portfolio.

“We really feel like it’s a fantastic brand and Elise Bauer, who founded it, has really done an amazing job with it,” said Cliff Sharples, co-founder and co-CEO of Fexy Media. “We all feel that together with Elise that we can really build off that success and make this a much larger digital property.”